[Wine] PureEdge Viewer and Wine

James Mckenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 1 21:41:31 CST 2009

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>I've installed PureEdge 6.5 on Wine version 1.1.14, running OpenSuSE 11.1:
>When I open a blank form, the fields all have left/right arrows (with slider bar, if the field is wide enough).  I'm unable to type in any data.
>If I open a form that's already filled out, the arrows and sliders are there, but I can see what appears to be the top of the text data behind the arrows/sliders.
>I'm specifically trying to use DA Forms 4507- and 7120- series.
This happens because a function contained in richedit is not implemented.  Use Winetricks to install the native riched20 function and Pure Edge should work.

James McKenzie

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