[Wine] Re: WoW with ATI card (running catalyst)

Qvintvs wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Feb 2 17:00:56 CST 2009

Hmm, well I seem to have found out that my drivers aren't up to date. Unfortunately, my distro (archlinux) doesn't recommend installing drivers directly from the ati site (with good reason, X doesn't run properly when you do that), and the beta package in the repositories seems to not work on 64-bit systems (like mine), leaving me with the standard catalyst package with slightly old drivers. If this is indeed the problem that I suppose I'll need to wait until they update the standard catalyst package (or someone fixes the beta package on 64-bit systems).

I was already running with opengl, but I tried your other suggested modifications to Config.WTF with to no avail.

As for step 3, as I said, I'm not on Ubuntu (im on archlinux), and I myself don't have an applications tab to click on. Do you know what's going behind the scenes when you do all that? And where would I go to find things out about my wine configuration?

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