[Wine] Command line App within Linux command line?

skyride wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Feb 2 19:13:49 CST 2009

Hey guys.

I currently run a VPS which I run a couple of game servers on. It is currently running 2x Team Fortress 2 servers under Ubuntu Server 8.10 (no X). However to this list of servers I would like to add a Garrys mod server. If you are not aware, garry's mod is very popular HL2 mod which provides a sandbox style enviroment for the source engine. However due to the laziness of Garry himself, it remains the only source based game which does not have linux binaries. This means that I will need to run the Windows version under Wine.

I am at the stage where the server is fully installed and configured. It runs in command line and using the -Y option in SSH I can run the server and have it work. However as this comes up in the normal Wine CMD window, the server would close as soon as I exit SSH. My problem is this, how could I force the server to run within the normal linux shell version of cmd as opposed to an external window?

Regards, Adam

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