[Wine] Cannot run Win16 installer for Judaic Classics

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Tue Feb 3 10:35:34 CST 2009

On 2009-02-03 (Tuesday) 13:36:07 onecoolcouple wrote:
> Thank you. Unfortunately, I bit more than I can swallow. I redirected the
> output of strace to a file, but it has more than 22k lines. How do I
> sensibly winnow that down?

	I'm not sure because you didn't give command you have used, you didn't mention what parameters for grep you have used (if you didn't 
used grep to filter strace output or used it improperly you will get much less useful output), you didn't mentioned what shell you are 
using and what OS.

	I provide few more examples, perhaps they help you to understand what to do.

	To record into log.txt what files *with* an extension (except ones with .dll, .exe, .sys, .drv, .tmp, .ttf, .lnk and .fon extensions) 
the application tries to use on virtual C:\ disk (located in Wine prefix) run this:

	For bash (in zsh you can replace "2>&1|" with "|&" but this isn't really necessary):

strace wine notepad 2>&1| \
egrep -i 'stat(64)\(".*?(/c:/|/drive_c/).*?\..*?"' | \
egrep -vi '(\.dll|win.ini|wininit.ini|\.exe|\.sys|\.drv|\.fon|\.tmp|\.ttf|\.lnk|\.windows-|desktop.ini|system.ini)' > log.txt


WINEDEBUG=+file wine notepad 2>&1| \
egrep -i 'L"C:\\.*?\..*?"' | \
egrep -vi '(\.dll|win.ini|wininit.ini|\.exe|\.sys|\.drv|\.fon|\.tmp|\.ttf|\.lnk|\.windows-|desktop.ini|system.ini|\*\.\*)' > log.txt

	Note: Both commands are multi-line commands. To use them simply copy-paste all 3 lines to your console and press Enter; egrep filters 
in above commands will also filter out useless stuff like use of "desktop.ini" or "win.ini" files. Instead of "notepad" use name of 
your application. Don't use [Ctrl]+[C] in the console (or you may lose your log); exit from the application properly instead (or kill 
it with xkill). If you want to see files without extension too (including directories) then remove ".*?\." from second line. If you 
want to see files from all drives then replace "C:\\" in second line with "?:\\" or (for strace example) "(/c:/|/drive_c/)" 
with "(/?:/|/cdrom/|/mnt/|/media/)".

	If you still need help, please answer to questions above and explain what you are looking for (do you expect the file you want 
to find to have an extension, do you expect to find it in drive_c, and other possibly useful information) and I may give you egrep 
filters you need if above filters aren't suitable for you and you don't know how to change them.

> Alternatively/additionally, is there something similar for windows, 
> which I can use to check what happens under windows, with a 
> functioning copy of the program I am researching?  

	Sorry, but I'm not a Windows expert. I never tried to debug anything in Windows so I don't know.

	If above tricks with strace or WINEDEBUG=+file don't help you I recommend you to reinstall your application in clean Wine prefix with 
latest Wine (1.1.14). For example:

rm -rf ~/.wine


mv ~/.wine{,.old}

	And then run winecfg, configure your CD/DVD-ROM as CD-ROM in winecfg and then install your application. If still doesn't work, is 
there any change in behavior or errors the application gives you after (possibly unsuccessful) installation in clean Wine?

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