[Wine] Re: Dissapearence of the program

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Feb 4 07:58:52 CST 2009

simeon.mattes wrote:
> dimesio wrote:
> > 
> > Wine is a user-level process and shouldn't be able to bring down your whole system. If you really mean openSUSE is crashing (not just the app), there's an underlying problem with your system.
> I'm sure that there is an underlying problem with my system (I suppose you mean in the operating system and not the hardware), but this problem appears whenever I open this specific application with wine. I don't know what happens exactly. I 'm just describing what I see.

Wine can expose underlying problems, such as bugs in graphics drivers (the most likely problem).  You should take this to the openSUSE forum and/or the forum for whatever graphics card you're using for help figuring out exactly what the underlying problem is. It's not a Wine issue.

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