[Wine] Re: Is there a chance that Globalscape Secure FTP work on Wine

loopdemack wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Feb 4 12:29:03 CST 2009

Vitamin hello again, let me tell you, I need better user management, I need better user correlated bandwidth management from the FTP server, I need better and easier SQL integration, ...
I dont have such things on Linux, you have if you are planning to wais 30 days and tons of nerves.
Currently I'm using Vsftpd with Virtual_users and that's not enough for me.

Because if I want to use bandwidth allocation for each user I need to do that from TC, and I dont want to make that users part of the system users, I just want virtual users, and for now you cant do that .
You can limit each user by his session, and when that user has 5 sessions he would get 5X more bandwidth.

Second thing is the user rights, if I want what I had in mind I need to do that trough advanced  "Extended Posix ACLs", ok but its not compatible with newer versions of NFS.

Believe me for now I dont see easier and better solution than to use Windows based Ftp server.
I'm wasting my nerves and time.

I would like some help from winehq crew about my issue.

Tnx, again.

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