[Wine] winsock errror for ioctl cmd 9800000c in wine 1.14

Steve Ramm Steve.Ramm at imgtec.com
Fri Feb 6 07:54:37 CST 2009


When running program that works fine under XP, with wine I have a
problem. Running with trace on gives the following output:


trace:winsock:DllMain 0x7eba0000 0x2 (nil)

trace:winsock:WSAStartup verReq=101

trace:winsock:WSAStartup succeeded

trace:winsock:WS_socket af=2 type=2 protocol=0

trace:winsock:WSASocketA af=2 type=2 protocol=0 protocol_info=(nil)
group=0 flags=0x1

trace:winsock:WSASocketW af=2 type=2 protocol=0 protocol_info=(nil)
group=0 flags=0x1

trace:winsock:WSASocketW      created 0070

trace:winsock:_remap_optname level=65535, optname=32

trace:winsock:WS_setsockopt socket: 0070, level 0xffff, name 0x20, ptr
0x7de44658, len 4

trace:winsock:WS_bind socket 0070, ptr 0x7de446e0 { family 2, address, port 0 }, length 16

trace:winsock:WS_ioctlsocket socket 0070, cmd 9800000c, ptr 0x7de44674

warn:winsock:WS_ioctlsocket     unknown WS_IOCTL cmd (9800000c)

warn:winsock:wsaErrno errno 22, (Invalid argument).

trace:winsock:WS_closesocket socket 0070


Has anyone had a similar problem, and (hopefully) found a solution?



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