[Wine] "viewed as not acceptable by the community"

antoniong wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Feb 6 11:56:46 CST 2009

Fine if that is you're opinion but you have given perfect arguments against the philosophy of Open souces.

The error you people (at least a number) make is that not everyone that uses OS is capable of strolling thru sources and find the problem, not everyone wants to do that kind of work (they just need to get a job done) or have the time to do that kind of job.

The way there has been reacted here is one like in the '60 when the IT people were considered as a sort of Gods and everybody bowed to them. Well sorry to say but those times are over and will never come back!

Also you have demonstrated the negative side of OS in that there is not 1 person feeling personaly reponsable.

Well I have been using for a few weeks several types of Linux and I am still not impressed by it all since (like 2 years ago) it still gives that feeling of hobbyism, everything is completely different, no logic or whatsoever.

So good luck to all the Linux fans. I won't be bothering you anymore.

Last but not least: I came here with a perfectly normal and simple question (how to detect whether Wine is running) and all I met were people telling me to find the error (without even thinking that such might be near to impossible) and not even a single bit of help!

Again: Goodbuy!

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