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antoniong <wineforum-user at winehq.org> wrote:
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>Fine if that is you're opinion but you have given perfect arguments against the philosophy of Open souces.
I think you missed the point that everyone here was trying to make:

1.  Others have tried what you are trying before and gave up.
2.  Wine is a moving target with continual improvements and changes.
3.  Microsoft owns the Registry, but how we implement it is up to us and subject to massive changes.
4.  Anything you do that relies on 3 can and will break in the future.
5.  The purpose of this project is to emulate the Win32 environment as produced by Microsoft without infringing on Microsoft's patents and trademarks.
6.  Because of 5, we don't implement 3 the same way as Microsoft.
7.  Anything you find in 7 is subject to change at anytime.

Thus, you should attempt to find and notify us of anything that does not work in your program when it is run in Wine.  That is the point several of us attempted to make with you.  Sorry if you feel that we should do things YOUR way, but this is NOT Burger King, this is the Wine Project and we don't feel that YOUR way is the correct way.  And you have been outvoted many times over.  If you feel that is 'bad', it isn't.  This project is over 16 years old and is continuously evolving.  However, support of one program is not going to change how we do things to meet #5.  If your program is Microsoft compliant, it should run, without any additional changes, on Wine.

BTW, you are not the first to say 'Buh-bye' here.  Please come back after your tantrum is over.

James McKenzie

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