[Wine] Re: Detecting a programm runs using Wine

antoniong wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Feb 6 17:59:58 CST 2009

austin987 wrote:
> Understandable. That's why I reopened it.
> Not trying to scare you off from wine. At the same time, you need to
> realize that what you're trying to do isn't a good idea.
> Do you have an app that you wrote that doesn't work? Or are you trying
> to get one to work that you don't have source to?
> -- 
> -Austin

I know what I want is not the best solution. I have enough experience to oversee the consequences.

But in this case it is about a specialized app (only interesting for a rather small group of people in 1 small counntry) that is written by someone else. There are a few people wanting to use this under Linux and the developer is willing to cooperate as lang as it means making minor changes to his windows app. Add to that the fact that his own coding all works fine but he uses again another 3rd party devloped module that does some special type of printing/preview.

So there are quite a number of people involved:

1.  Developer of the app.
2.  Developer of his compiler.
3.  Developer os th module that is problematic.

and there is an enduser who want to use linux.

Now there are 3 solutions:

1.  (the best) solve the problem within Wine. is going to take quite some time and will mean at least 2 developers agreeing to work together and diving deep into the source code of Wine.

2.   Use a CLI code in the app so that the app know it runs linux/Wine or native Windows.


3.  Some coding by which the developer knows whether or not he is using Linux/Wine and use that decision to circumvent the problem part.

That's all nothing more nothing less. (and now I'm going to bed)

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