[Wine] Wine with 2x nVidia GTX260 lame peformance ingame?

kynan wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Feb 7 01:33:53 CST 2009

Hi people.

So I got Steam running properly in WINE by reverting to version 177 of the nVidia driver. Now I have a new problem.

I have really shitty performance for Source games in WINE. This means rainbow-y colors, glistening walls, at ~13 fps with all lowest graphics settings.

High quality native linux games run beautifully at all highest settings, including Penumbra and Prey and Quake 4.

I went into regedit and added HKCU>Software>Wine>Direct3D>VideoMemorySize = "896"

The games ran without improvement. Also, after a minute or so, the games started crashing. I can only assume this is some sort of running out of memory error. This would suggest that WINE is confused about my graphics cards. What do I need to do to configure WINE to use one (would both even be possible?) of my graphics cards? Card PCI Busid are 2:0:0 and 3:0.0

Also, I tried all this with Xinerama on/off, 3/2/1 monitors. I also added the registry key to disable XRANDR, but I think that was probably disabled from the start by default.

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