[Wine] Some thing about Gigaget

MicroCai microcai at sina.com
Sat Feb 7 06:51:09 CST 2009

First, sorry about my English.
Gigaget stopped response when Wine pop-up to ask me to install Gecko and
I click Install.

The console output just say some thing deadlocked, and keep on saying
it. I have to use xkill to stop Gigaget, Ctrl+C just cannot work.

Then I use ie4linux, 
and run Gigaget's setup from within the IE
Gigaget runs well. 
Why ?
Is that a bug of gecko?
And I don't want to use IE.

Gigaget is the English version of Thunder.Thunder is the only program
that can download results from www.sougou.com 
And www.sougou.com can provide free search&down , no need to search
further more.
And Thunder is the only reason why many people around me stick with the
Buy the way, Thunder cannot run under Wine with or without ie4linux.

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