[Wine] Can I use EXPORT in a def file to export Dll's functions?

OuahabiX wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Feb 7 23:40:53 CST 2009

As it looks from the title, I found that the wineHQ source code has another way to export functions from DLL files and it calls the definition files like:


I used to use the:


Of course under XP.

So is it something refers to the compiler and it must respect this order or I can use the old school style I'm used to back in the days, because I find it kinda annoying to specify each function's parameters types like:

@ stdcall AccessCheck(ptr long long ptr ptr ptr ptr ptr)

Instead of just using the Win form like:




Or can I modify how the compiler should work towards this issue if this is stuck in its options & rules?

Plz forgive my lack of info and be patient with me, I'm getting used to get in touch with the code.

I wish everybody here a nice day.

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