[Wine] Re: Trying to get Kawaks and/or NeoRage X to run in Wine.

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Feb 8 06:45:39 CST 2009

Chelley84 wrote:
> I have already set up Kawaks and NeoRageX to run in Wine, but when I try to click (either L-click or R-click) on the icon, it doesn't appear to do anything. 
> I got something with NeoRage X but it comes up with a dialog box that says that it is "Unable to load neo geo bios rom" and I have the neo geo bios files that it needs. I copied the directory with the program and all of the files that I had before from my desktop computer which runs XP and it ran fine on it. But I get that dialog box when I try to run it off of my laptop w/ OpenSuse. 
> Is there something that I may have missed or I need to do in order to get at least one of these emulators running?


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