[Wine] can wine detect win AD logon scripts

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 8 19:48:11 CST 2009

iinfi wrote:
> sorry u misunderstood me.
I did not misunderstand you, I did not have all of the facts on what you
were trying to do.
> incase of windows ad, incase of any change in user/group requirements ask the sysadmin needs to do is to make a change to group /user policies at the AD server.

Good security practice, but do you have a policy in effect on how
configuration changes are made and recorded?  Otherwise, this could
become a security risk and a lot of effort.
> here you will need to change/edit the file at the user end.
This is not good.  However, Wine does not work with Active Directory at
this point.  I would like to see the bridge implemented, but this is a
great deal of effort and maybe outside the scope of this project. 
Others would have to make that judgement call.  All I do is work with
the Wine code and Macs.

James McKenzie

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