[Wine] Re: Detecting a programm runs using Wine

antoniong wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Feb 9 08:57:36 CST 2009

[I know for a fact that I will not be able to help solving this problem within Wine.

For starters, I have no access at all to the app, I have no access to whatever 3rd party it uses. Besides that I have no time for such procedures. I know because I have been in the computing business a long time and know how problems like theseare solved.

I also don't want to spend all that time. my only job is to try to get 1 (=one) particular app to run using Wine. Developer tells me that if he can detect Wine running then he can circumvent the particular part in the app. 

That's all, there is nothing more to it. The evt. future (like Winde being changed) is of no relevance since the endusers of this app will not update Wine. They will install the whole at the start and then it wll be inert.

An as a last: I have no code, i want no code.

I wish all those developing Wine a good profitable future. I came here with a simple question and I leave with the answer "runtime switch". problem solved.

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