[Wine] Cannot find DVD/CD drive...

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Tue Feb 10 07:48:39 CST 2009

On 2009-02-10 (Tuesday) 12:49:06 you wrote:
> The transition from Windows to Linux has been more or less painless for me,
> except for one thing; a game called Space Colony.
> The WineDB lists it as Platiunum, Cedega lists it as something that can
> work, I had high hopes to get it working on at least one of these systems.
> After I installed the program through WINE, it popped up the autorun menu
> and I clicked 'play' where I then got the error in the subject line; cannot
> find dvd/cd drive.
> Please, help! My sanity depends on this game!

	Please make sure that you configured your CD/DVD-ROM in winecfg as CD-ROM (in 
winecfg go to Drives, click Add... to add your drive, specify correct path to its 
mount point in Path field, click Advanced and set its Type to CD-ROM; then click 
OK). Also make sure to cd to the directory where setup executable is located and 
run it like this:

wine setup.exe

	Alternatively you can use "wine start /unix" with full or relative UNIX path. 
Instead of "setup.exe" use name of the file autorun supposed to run in Windows.
	If still doesn't work please post terminal output including command you are 
trying to run.

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