[Wine] Is there a hope for Serv-u

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On Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 10:07 AM, James Mckenzie
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>>Subject: [Wine]  Is there a hope for Serv-u
>>I tried several thing but on the end I get no results,
>>first as a normal user you cant do nothing in wine with the serv-u, second you need to be logged as >a root
> Can you explain why you have to be logged in as root?  Is there a specific error you receive while running this program that states you have to be root or is it that the program will not run unless you are an Administrator?  The first is a Linux level admin, the second is the generic name for the Windows Administrator.  If it is the second, this program will not successfully run under Wine.  Running Wine as root is highly discouraged, but in some cases necessary.

Follow the old thread. It needs to bind to a low port. Root is
required, unless POSIX permissions are used.


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