[Wine] Re: Is there a chance that Globalscape Secure FTP work on Wine

loopdemack wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Feb 10 17:44:50 CST 2009

vitamin wrote:
> austin987 wrote:
> > 
> > Well, not really. The user wants to use this program because it allows
> > for virtual users, bandwidth throttling, etc. Using the native sftp
> > server doesn't help there.
> None of those will work on Wine anyway. There are other correct ways to do that on *NIX.

If we start with the point that vsftpd is the bad ass of all ftp servers on the Linux world, others were so bottom in the quality and features that I'm stunned that no one had a inner self to make some great FTP server on the *NIX platform other than VSFTPD.

I will list the functions that were unfunctional for me in the vsftpd and why I need the Best from the Windows world.

- Advanced(complex) Virtual users (its optimized for the home folders, you cant play with the user privileges in other folders beside home folders, like what user can see and what he cant, like on any Windows Ftp server. You need to set the folder permissions on the system level, which is again limited, and than we need to use POSIX ACLs for features in permissions that I need.   

- Logger and logger analyzer and bandwidth monitoring of a actual users bandwidth usage and other things. (this part is so bad that I dont want to throw my time in explaining what's bad, everything is bad:))

- Bandwidth limitation (VSFTPD is still using the oldest method of limiting the user bandwidth per session ) there is no way for other dynamic way. 
There is no way for dynamic limitation of user bandwidth with the iptables. 
You can maybe but just maybe do that with the TC (built in some kernels) if I bind the vsftpd virtual users to system level and than trough TC on the user level for the each user that a made a custom policy, about which is the maximum bandwidth , and in that way let say user "test1" could be bounded to the 100kb/s no matter if he has 1, 5, or 10 sessions.
This is crazy.

- There is no data encryption when using "site to site"

And there are hundreds more things that were years from what I need.

To hard to much time, months of working, creating, 
and if I could get Serv-u or Secure-FTP operational its the excellent way to beat the worst part on the Linux platform. Right now I think that maybe Serv-u the latest version is the better option,
I made a new thread about compatibility in wine


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