[Wine] Re: Is there a hope for the "Serv-u"?

loopdemack wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Feb 10 18:05:31 CST 2009

vitamin wrote:
> Wine does not support windows netowrk in any way shape of form. You should look at Samba and it's tools.

Tnx on the answer, but is there any chance that we get functional Serv-u on the Wine, because the version 6.3.1 worked perfectly.
The version has essential changes on the bandwidth limitation on the user level, in fact you can make limitations on the dynamical level, which means when you set 300kb/s for some user it will bound user to 300kb no matter how much sessions that user had opened which is unique.

I mean I dont want any windows share and windows networking compatible, I just want that this newer version is fully operational like the older was.
Samba is big security risk, and joining the Samba and Wine is a major risk.

I'm not aware that I could start Serv-u with some samba tools am I missing something? Could you explain me a little.

I presume that you understand that I want Serv-u under the Ubuntu.

As I explained to you in other thread when I asked about "Secure FTP" from globalscape, you know why I need it.

In fact if I could find some great FTP server on Ubuntu I would use it, but currently there is not even one.

Ftp servers on the Linux are years away from any advance thing that I need, and even if I could get for example vsftpd customized with the extreme custom Virtual User Configuration functions that I need, and if I set advanced privileges with the POSIX ACLs  I would waist a months of testing, setting and building the pam-sql db, shaping the bandwidth trough TC on the user level.

And than when I see that I got that with just a few breaths on the windows platform, I could say Linux has very bad ftp servers currently. 

Could you try it by your self,  what do you think which part of Serv-u is changed and which is causing the incompatibility.

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