[Wine] Is there a chance that Globalscape Secure FTP work on Wine

James Mckenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 10 21:01:12 CST 2009

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>Subject: [Wine] Re: Is there a chance that Globalscape Secure FTP work on	Wine
>austin987 wrote:
>> Well, not really. The user wants to use this program because it allows
>> for virtual users, bandwidth throttling, etc. Using the native sftp
>> server doesn't help there.
>None of those will work on Wine anyway. There are other correct ways to do that on *NIX.
I'm of the opinion that this 'user' wants the implied security of Linux, or its 'freeness' rather than put out the money and time to set up Windows 2008 Server, which is required to get the full functionality of GlobalScape FTP.  Sorry, but Wine is NOT a replacement for this Operating System and probably never will be.  It is an implementation of the Windows32 API, functions depend on the version of Windows(TM) selected.  We will not and should not get into file permissions beyond that of what the base operating system provides.  This will limit what functionality is available for some programs.

I agree with your statements above.  If the OP took the time, there are solutions to what is needed.  And some of them are lengthy and complicated to implement.  And it involves more than just setting up IPTables and TC.

James McKenzie

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