[Wine] /var/wine not owned by you

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>Subject: [Wine]  /var/wine not owned by you
>In an effort to set up a system-wide wine folder, I have moved mine to /var/wine, set WINEPREFIX to /var/wine for all users, and changed the permissions for /var/wine and it's contents to root:wine rwxr-xr-x. The wine registry and the savegame directories for my games have g+w as well. I am a member of the wine group.
>When I attempt to run wine, I get the error message "wine: /var/wine not owned by you". Since I have group permissions, why is it a problem that the directory is not owned by me, and what can I do about it given I need a system-wide wine folder?
The ability to do what you are describing is disabled in Wine.  What EXACTLY are you trying to do?  If it is avoiding installing programs for each user on your system, that is not possible with Wine, yet.  You will have to establish a separate Wine folder for each Linux user you want to be able to run Wine and then install applications to that folder.

James McKenzie

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