[Wine] Newbie - missing cursor and unresponsive to input

James Mckenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 12 13:31:49 CST 2009

Thatpenguin <wineforum-user at winehq.org> wrote on Feb 12th:
>          I have just discovered wine and have to try it, 
>but I am running into problems that I can't google my way out of.

Maybe you should have tried the Wine Application Database.  It has hints and tricks on how to get many programs working with Wine.

>          I installed wine-1.1.12 using yum on my quad cpu (Nvidia 9500gt, usb qwerty keyboard and mouse) running fedora10 (  and as a test, I decided to use GTA2 (download).
What Linux distribution are you using?  Most distributions have Wine 1.1.14 available and this is the version you should try first.

>         After the install, I copied mscoree.dll, streamci.dll, dinput.dll,  dinput8.dll  >ddrawex.dll from windows XP and put them in system32,
Actually, these should be placed in the same location as the program you are running.

>installed the latest directx from microsoft.com and then ran winecfg and set those to native as >well as a few others I found on a how-to page (the full list attached below). All the boxes under graphics->windows setting are checked.

There should be no need to install DirectX9 from Microsoft.  Please do the following:

Open a terminal session.
Type in 'mv .wine{,.backup}
type in wine notepad
Install GTA2 from the installation disks.

Copy only the dlls above into the same directory as the GTA2 executable.

Set the dlls to "native,builtin" in winecfg.

Run dxdiag and report back the results.  

See that happens when you run GTA2.  Also, please review the Applications Database for any additional how-tos on installing this program.

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