[Wine] Re: gdi32.dll error

chosenken wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Feb 12 17:42:07 CST 2009

slrman wrote:
> If this works, I want to try it, too.  But how do you remove the hidden folder in the User directory.  In fact, I don't see the user directory, either.  OK, so I am a noob.  We all start out like that.   [Embarassed]

Hehe, its ok.  We all start as noobs.  I assume when you say the hidden drive you mean your .wine drive.  The simplest way to remove it is to open up a terminal, which starts you in your user directory.  BTW, the user director on a Mac is /User/<username> where <username> is your user name.  The terminal application is under Application/Utilities.

If you wish, you can move your .wine folder to another name to save it.  This is only if there is something in there you want to keep.  To move it, the command is:

mv .wine/ .wine_backup/

To remove the directory completly, use:

rm -rf ./wine

Then run winecfg once more and it will create a new wine folder and you are ready to go!

I should look at what I have install, I have both Mac Ports and Fink.  I mainly use Mac Ports now though.  Really should do a clean install...  I build wine nightly on my machine using the git stream, .config, and make.  I don't use any other package or files for building it.  I also use the latest XQuartz (is that right?).  I have been able to get quite a few apps running, even got Steam installed and running!  Haven't tried it in a while though, had issues with right clicking causing it to crash out.  Hope I helped!

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