[Wine] Re: Accessing Windows network from application in Wine

RichShark wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Feb 12 22:12:11 CST 2009

Hi vitamin. Thank you for the link. I did find this article but was confused by the presence of 2 lines of 127. etc in the hosts file. Do I have to remove both? I cannot find any way of finding what 'yourdomain' is on my machine so I cannot complete this part of the solution below (no instructions for this in the article):   yourhost.yourdomain.com      yourhost

I have the 'yourhost' part, and I assume the DNS part is as I found under the network settings, or do I enter the as above?
I am quite new to Ubuntu and very new to Wine and 'making things work' on Ubuntu.
Thanks again.

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