[Wine] Wine always crash very badly

Federico undicizeri at gmail.com
Sun Feb 15 14:00:06 CST 2009

I all,
I'm using wine 1.1.14 and when I try to play any game all the system
crash and become unresponsive: I can't restart X with
ctrl+alt+backspace and  the Sysrq magic key doesn't work.
Wine crashes in about 0 to 10 minutes EVERY time no matter which game
I'm playng.
I don't know if it is a wine, Xorg, Kernel or nvidia driver problem
but a month ago wine worked like a charm. I've tryed to compile wine
from git but the problem is the same.
Xorg.log, error.log, kernel.log, don't report anything strange.
When the system hangs there no way I can restart/reboot or do
anything, the only thing I can do is an hardware reset... and this
sucks very badly
There is a way I can test if the problem is related to xorg or wine or
whatever else?
I've tried to run the game trough winedbg but the result is the
same... catastrophic failure and hardware reset

I found also Google Earth made my pc to freeze.... Is the linux port
of google earth based on wine like picasa? If yes is still a problem
of Wine otherwise is something about Xorg/nvidia/kernel.
And why the hell the sysrq magic key doesn't work?
Thank you for your help

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