[Wine] Re: Wine always crash very badly

L. Rahyen wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Feb 15 15:07:28 CST 2009

Federico wrote:
> There is a way I can test if the problem is related to xorg or wine or whatever else?

        Since you are telling that SysRq keys don't work when your system crashes there is only two possibilities: NVidia driver bug or kernel bug. But since it is crashing when you are using OpenGL applications like Wine + games or Google Earth this is  probably NVidia driver bug.
        For me with 180.27 driver and GeForce 8600 GT everything works perfectly. If you are using older driver please upgrade. If still doesn't work you probably want to report your problem to NVidia. When reporting a bug to NVidia don't forget to run nvidia-bug-report.sh (this command will generate nvidia-bug-report.log for you so you can send it along with other information to NVidia).

John Drescher wrote:
> wine 
> has no low level access to hardware so it has only a limited ability 
> to lock up a system. 

        Wine has *no* ability to lock up a system if you aren't running it as root. If you do then it can (there is at least one real-world case I remember) lockup your system. So don't run it as root if you don't know what you are doing.[/quote]

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