[Wine] Expect Deadlock!

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 15 21:46:28 CST 2009

K4Z00 wrote:
> Running some company specific software, which is an exam/test. Designed for Windows OS machines. On Vista machines it requires the addition of the msvbvm50.dll.
> When installed in WINE, it has required the addition of jet40 and vb5run in winetricks to make the program run. The program runs fine, until it works out if the user passed or failed. Fails it reports with no error. When the user passes it produces the error:
> Error Number 6 Overflow
> Occured in Sub 'get_results_from_database'
> in Module 'frmResults' in project DAO.Field
This is an error message from Visual Basic, not Wine.  Did you get any
output when running the program from the terminal with vb5run AND vb6run
installed, without DCOM98 installed?  This may require creating a new
user space Wine directory ($HOME/.wine).

James McKenzie

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