[Wine] Why austin987 was banned from wine forum ??

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 15 23:02:44 CST 2009

arunb wrote:
>> Greetings! I was just banned from the #winehq channel on freenode for suggesting to a newbie that he use winetricks to install directx 9c. I was told that winetricks is for developers and that installing directx this way can damage your wine install.
>> I am currently using the latest developers version of wine with directx 9c installed and configured with the latest winetricks. I am playing the latest Civilization 4 expansion pack with no problems whatsoever on Ubuntu 8.10.
>> I resent getting banned for accurate information and think that channel bans should be reserved for obscene or abusive behavior only.
>> Thank you for tolerating this rant.
>> YeOldeFarte 
> why was austin987 banned????
He was not banned from #winehq.  He does not exist there, either.

James McKenzie

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