[Wine] Banned for different viewpoint

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 16 11:42:53 CST 2009

YeOldeFarte wrote:
> Greetings!  I was just banned from the #winehq channel on freenode for suggesting to a newbie that he use winetricks to install directx 9c.  I was told that winetricks is for developers and that installing directx this way can damage your wine install.
There is a bit of mis-information in this statement:

One:  Winetricks is for all users.
Two:  Wine implements, as best as possible, DirectX 9.

There is a true statement here, however.  Using winetricks to install
DirectX 9c can and more likely than not, will break your Wine installation.

>      I am currently using the latest developers version of wine with directx 9c installed and configured with the latest winetricks.  I am playing the latest Civilization 4 expansion pack with no problems whatsoever on Ubuntu 8.10.

This is a good thing.  However, one should not state that installing
DirectX 9c will fix all game problems.  This should be reserved for
those cases where it does fix things, but with the warning that it may
break others.

James McKenzie

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