[Wine] Luxology Modo302 - laggy interface

PuG wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Feb 17 02:10:36 CST 2009

Good day. 

Ive been testing Modo302 under Wine 1.1.14, in Ubuntu 8.10 (Intel 2 Quad Q6600, 8800GT running the latests Nvidia Driver). 

Modo in general appears to run fine aslong as the OpenGL vertex buffer is disabled - however one problems we do appear to be having is the programs interface seems very sluggish, and any mouse clicks for example within the 3d viewport to edit geometry causes a slow down and delayed updates of the 3d displays of upto a second.

Otherwise the viewports work fine, and for example if you rotate around a scene they will render with a very good FPS. Just appears when the interface is involved the lag occurs - could it be perhaps a mouse focus type problem?

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Best Regards,

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