[Wine] Re: Problems in Compiling MFC

Thunderbird wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Feb 17 08:46:14 CST 2009

Wine doesn't contain an implementation of mfc and so can't be used for compiling winelib apps using mfc UNLESS you would compile the microsoft mfc sources. People did that in the past and it worked to some degree but it has legal issues.

If you really need mfc the only way would be to run your app as a win32 app using wine and only split some parts into dlls which you can replace with winelib dlls. (For Wine there is no real difference if your app is a win32 executable or a winelib one. In all cases Wine is used to run it and further for wine there is no difference between a .dll file and a winelib .dll.so)

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