[Wine] Firebird 2.1 and Wine under MANDRIVA

jpnuage at free.fr jpnuage at free.fr
Thu Feb 19 02:50:44 CST 2009

Good Morning

I'm working with MANDRIVA 2008. My application has been witten with Delphi 7. As
long as I had FireBird 1.5, i could connect my program to a DataBase without any
problem using Wine. Since I have installed Firedird 2.1 the application cannot

If I run Flamerobin directly under Linux, no pb
I have used as a path the one given in Flamerobin : no connection
I have used the path : //ip_adress:/home/mydirectory/myBase.fdb : no connection
I have used sommething like  ip_Adress/3050/home/..... : no connection

It's a bit boring !!!!

Shere did I do a mistake ?

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