[Wine] error while installing orcad

metajemo wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Feb 20 18:44:08 CST 2009

hello guys [Exclamation]
i am using ubuntu 8.1, wine 1.0.1
i've tryed to install orcad v15.7.
the setup menu consists of three buttons:
Set Up Licensing - that installs the licence manager, needy for the program later when it prompts for the licence file.however while trying to install it i get the following message:
The network protocols installed on this computer either cannot be detected or are incapatible with the FLEXlm license manager
You must install TCP/IP before the FLEXlm license manager can be installed
going onto the second  butten of the setup menu -Install Products - installs orcad fine and it works great accept for a tiny problem:since it doesnt have a licence.dat key most of the programs in the package cannot be run unless the key exists.in  order to get the key to work it needs the licence manager to be installed
does anybody have an idea how to fix the error [Question]

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