[Wine] dekaron fussion wine 1.1.15 ubuntu 8.04

0rionsbane wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Feb 21 00:04:28 CST 2009

well im new to wine and am trying to get my favorite game to work with it.

first off dekaron-fussion is a private server version of 2 moons / dekaron
a few notable differences iv'e noticed in the files.

fussion dose not have minilauncher.exe (which would probably load gamegaurd solving one problem and creating another)
and fussion uses dekaron program links to start the program in windows (which i do not have any more)

so my problem seems to be making the links work with wine
when i run them with wine i get this error "path not found"

i have already tried running it form the dekaron.exe file located in the bin folder there is no other executable in the main folder (dekaron-fussion) 
it gave me the error message "please launch first dekaron program shortcuts or minilauncher.exe"
as i mentioned before minilauncher.exe is simply not there

so i need help getting this program to run and i would really like to do it in ubuntu not windows.
i looked at winetricks and installed it but i dont know anything about it so its unlikely i will get that to help me i installed it and have left it alone for now.

on another note im going to download silkroad and try it as its rated well and is a similar game type. but i would like help at least getting to the loading screen in dekaron-fussion or dekaron extreme if anyones worked on that already

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