[Wine] Launching Steam games broken in SVN.

3vi1 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Feb 21 08:45:37 CST 2009

Anyone else notice that launching of games (CSS, HL2, etc.) from Steam appears to be foobar'd using the current SVN (wine-1.1.15-221-g79cc416)?

I haven't had a chance to do _proper_ regression test yet, but a quick test of jumping back to 1.14 made things work again.  Other games (tested with Anarchy Online) are working fine with the current SVN, so I'm supposing the bug is somehow affecting Steam specifically.

I tested the current SVN with a fresh .wine and got the same results (Steam runs fine, but games never launch - even when starting steam with applaunch parameters).  :\

Unless someone does it first, I'll try to find the offending patch tomorrow.  Unfortunately work comes first...  :p

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