[Wine] StarCraft display issues, why is WINE not saving my settings?

havok1977 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Feb 21 18:03:32 CST 2009

Hello, im running Kubuntu 8.10 on my Sony Vaio Laptop; and have WINE installed from the repositories listed in this site.

Im trying to play StarCraft; and while the game does run, the screen is all messed up, instead of displaying full screen it only displays on the top left corner of my screen - It was actually displaying properly in full screen until a couple of days ago - something broke and i cant find what.

My xorg.conf file does have a valid 640x480 in my default color depth, which is the native resolution for this game; but its just wont take the full screen; *and* when i reconfigure WINE with winecfg to run in windowed mode to at least play it inside a tiny window, the setting just wont stick!  The settings just go away for no apparent reason.

Oh, I also tried implementing an alternate X.org screen with no success at all, as documented here:


Any comments will be appreciated

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