[Wine] Re: Cannot Update orean.sys driver

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Feb 22 06:54:11 CST 2009

0rionsbane wrote:
> ok well im trying to run dekaron extreme and the install worked just fine but when i go to run it it gives me this error
> Cannot update orean.sys driver. please make sure you have administrator's permits the first time that you are going to run this program.
> so first off how would i go about updating orean.sys driver?
> and how would i run the program with administrator permits?
> im using ubuntu 8.04
> wine 1.1.15 
> and running all program's in windows 98 under wine applications tab
> so any thoughts on how i could get this to work i looked at bugzilla and forums but could not find a solution. i noticed other apps have similar issues with administrator permits but i am not experienced enough to use the fixes they mentioned. so i need help with  that.

Orean.sys is a Themida SecureEngine copy protection driver.  It won't work in Wine.

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