[Wine] Re: Launching Steam games broken in SVN.

3vi1 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Feb 22 07:13:52 CST 2009

Thanks for your reply Vitamin!  I now have it working with the latest SVN, and discovered something that others may not have noticed because of their configuration:

With previous versions of Wine, I did not have to disable the in-game community just to launch games.  I never actually used the feature since I heard it was broken and none of my friends play at the same hours, so there never seemed to be any harm in leaving it enabled.

With the latest SVN, the games won't even launch if Steam's in-game community enabled.  This is a change in the way it behaves on my machine (and seems like a step backwards in relation to ever getting the feature working).

At any rate, I'm glad that it's working again with that minor tweak.  Thanks again for the assist.

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