[Wine] Gothic II: Night of the Raven 2.6 crashes

Christoph Korn c_korn at gmx.de
Sun Feb 22 15:05:09 CST 2009

I tried running the titled game in wine.
In appdb it is rated gold. [1]
I use wine-1.1.15 in Ubuntu 8.10 amd64.

The first problems I had during installation. At the end of the installation
there is a copy protection check (securom *new* I presume) which fails in wine
and so all installed files are deleted.
So I installed the game in windows and copied the game directory and registry
keys into wine. (I also applied a no-cd crack)

When I try to run it I get this error.

What debug channel could be useful here?


[1] http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=7012
[2] http://pastebin.com/mc836b84

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