[Wine] Dissable and Enable Compiz help

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 22 19:26:27 CST 2009

mikedmor wrote:
> Hi im working on making it so that when ever i start one of my games using Wine that all the compiz effects are turned off then when the game closes they automatically turn back on. I did a little research to find the commands to do this and found this:
> Code:
> sudo killall avant-window-navigator
> killall compiz.real
> xfwm4
> #and to restart Engage
> engage -b 70707099 -R 1 -Z 2 -d 0.32 -i 1 -I 1 -T
> My question is how do i make this code work when i start up a certain wine App and then when the app closes make the other command work to get my effects working again?
> -Mike
Use a UNIX script to run the program and point the menu item at the
script.  Since this is specific to your Linux distribution and windows
manager, I would ask in their support forums how to do this.

James McKenzie

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