[Wine] reverse wine odbc

Josh Dukes josh.dukes at microvu.com
Mon Feb 23 13:39:38 CST 2009

I know it's possible to access linux odbc data from inside wine, but
I'm wondering if there's any way to access wine odbc data from Linux
through odbc (or anything else). I ask this because I have data that
can only be accessed via windows odbc drivers (a foxpro database), but
I'd really like to interface with it from python in Linux (without
having to run python under wine). 

The only options I can currently imagine are using an odbc-to-odbc
bridge from inside wine then connecting it outside, or some other kind
of multi-socket monstrosity. Unfortunately most of this requires
running some service inside wine which generally seems to break things.
It seems to me that there should just be a unixODBC plugin that
accesses wine odbc data as if it was native. Is there any such thing?
Is there some other way to get at this data? 


Josh Dukes
MicroVu IT Department

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