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>Ok, thanks for the replies. I will try to install this program when I get my mac in the next week. >I am entirely new to the Mac OS and Wine. Does anyone have a simple guide to how to install wine
>and a program. 

Simple.  That is the key to using a Mac.  There are two methods of installing a program, and Wine actually has versions for both methods.  The first method is to find an installation package and use Apple's installer.  This is the method used by Zach Drayer for his builds of Wine.  The second is to find a 'drag and drop' installer and that is the method used by Mike Kronenberg.  The technical name for Wine for the Mac is DarWine (for Darwin Wine).  However, there has not been much done with this project for over a year.

>This is all new, and seems a little confusing.

Welcome to the world of the MacIntosh.  Yes, it is strange when coming from Windows, but I've had a Mac running for over a week without problems (and it would be months, but I keep on messing with it and installing software updates which in some cases I highly recommend for security purposes.)

Please keep the comments coming about Wine for MacOSX.  I know about several problems, but they are not Wine's but more Apple's.

James McKenzie

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