[Wine] Re: Xorg cursor instead of wine's (or even changing wine's defau

Griswold wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Feb 24 00:31:51 CST 2009

I have been working on some cursor patches, and I think the last of my series implements cursor themes (ie. it uses the X arrow in place of the B/W one that Wine normally uses.)  It searches for various custom wine_* cursors first, then checks for the standard system arrow, and lastly falls back to B/W cursors.  If you can get the WoW arrow cursor, you could even theme Wine's arrow cursor to match.

Note that they haven't been sent to wine-patches yet, so if you want them let me know.  I am in IRC fairly often as Griswold, I check wine-devel a lot, and I will check this forum/ML thread.  Mailing andrewriedi at gmail.com with "cursor" in the title works, too.

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