[Wine] Re: Launching Steam games broken in SVN.

3vi1 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Feb 25 07:27:44 CST 2009

vitamin wrote:
> 3vi1 wrote:
> > With previous versions of Wine, I did not have to disable the in-game community just to launch games.  I never actually used the feature since I heard it was broken and none of my friends play at the same hours, so there never seemed to be any harm in leaving it enabled.
> Not true. Ever since it's introduction it was failing to start crashing every steam game.

Vitamin:  Maybe your experience is different because of the number of friends on your list, their states, or some other factor, but for me it *is* true; I can recreate it at will.

Just now, I did it again to get the following screenshot:  I replaced my SVN install with the standard Ubuntu 1.0.1 package, enabled in-game community, then launched CSS with no problem:

[Image: http://www.eternaldusk.com/images/screenshots/counterstrike-ingame.png ]

This is the same way it's always behaved for me (up to a couple of weeks ago - the last time I tried CSS against the daily SVN version).

After re-upgraded to the latest SVN, it won't launch games until you first disable the in-game community (pops up the box like their launching, then quickly disappears without starting the game).  Just as I said.

If you still don't believe me, I can capture a desktop video to prove that I'm not just yanking your chain.

I could do a regression test and tell you exactly which patch from the past few weeks caused it to stopped working in this manner, but that's probably a waste of both of our times since, even though the games would launch, the feature wouldn't be usable.

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