[Wine] Helpful Hints for OS X Users (Idiots Guide?)

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 25 22:59:12 CST 2009

rwoodsmall wrote:
> There are not updates to the 2.4.0 beta releases - this is an entirely new beta release in the 2.3 series.  The main difference is that the 2.4 series was planned to use the Xorg 1.6 server, whereas the 2.3 series will use Xorg server v1.4.
> The current plan from the Xquartz folks is to continue work on the 2.3 series, integrating OpenGL/GLX changes from the work they were doing on the Xorg 1.6 server.  The 1.6 stuff hasn't been reached an acceptable level of stability, so they're moving back to work on the previous version.
> I'm aware that this is beta code.  I'm simply trying to isolate where in the OpenGL stack the problem lies.
I understand your concern.  However, until Xorg 1.6 becomes a reality
and is released by the XQuartz folks, there will be little, if any,
activity to fix things that are broken by it.

However, my first piece of advice should be followed, let the XQuartz
folks know that Xorg 1.6 broke Wine for the Mac.  They are concerned
about breakages of any program that runs on X11.

James McKenzie

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