[Wine] Firefox default Browser. HotTo?

ekah wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Feb 26 15:55:35 CST 2009


I have wine 1.15 running on mac osx (compiled darwine package)

I installed firefox 3.x without problem and its running. But: I have a application that need more firefox. But everytime i run this application the gecko-engine ist started (which isnt functional and usable).

How can i change the default browser to the installed firefox? Ihavent found anything on the web. (older documentation tell something about HKCU/Software/wine/winebrowser - but winebrowser didnt exist anymore).

Please help to change the default browser to another one (firefox or opera or....)

regards and thanks in advance

ps.: If i start Firefox it tell me everytime that he isnt the default (yes, that true..) but i i say yes, nothing changes and after a new start firefox tell the same. in the winehelper-log i can see that always gecko is startet if some application try to call the default browser.

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