[Wine] the new wine

Daniel Kasak daniel.kasak at 247realmedia.com
Thu Feb 26 21:56:06 CST 2009

On Thu, 2009-02-26 at 21:34 -0600, aleronlegion6 wrote:

> who cares how much money microsoft spend windows sucks all they really
>  managed to create was a really buggy operating system thats vulnerable
>  to any attack all the community wants is for wine to support cross
>  windows apps were not talking here about recreating the thing i hate
>  windows thats why i migrated to linux and i really love it and  like
>  all linux users i really want it to support many of the windows apps i
>  offenly use and thats all

'like all linux users'? Well personally I don't care that I can't run
Windows apps, as everything I want is already ( OK, almost ) covered by
open-source stuff. There are some esoteric things like video decoders /
encoders ( MTS format for my HD camcorder ) that I'm currently playing
with wine for. But I think there's quite a contradiction in migrating to
Linux and then asking for 100% Windows application support. You do use
*some* native linux apps, right?


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