[Wine] Re: DameWare NT Utilities 6.x fails to start / 'no network'

KC wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Feb 27 02:11:10 CST 2009

vitamin wrote:
> KC wrote:
> > In order to research the feasibility of moving onto *nix based systems I am currently testing Windows-only applications under WINE 1.1.8 on Mandriva Free 2009.
> > The application I am currently testing is Raxco's DameWare NT Utilities (including DameWare Mini Remote Control), latest version as available after registering.
> Instead of that utility you should be using SSH & VNC. That's all you need to "remotely control" any *NIX host.
> Wine does not support windows networking so anything associated with AD won't function on Wine. Even if you take some dlls from windows. You should look at samba for any AD/windows networking integration.

Strange, I got the impression WINE was capable of networking, especially because of the 'platinum' and 'gold' lists proudly displayed on the front page of this website, which display some programs heavily dependant on specific kinds of networking.
I will assume you meant WINE does not support Windows-domain specific networking.

Sorry, but DameWare is a Windows-only tool aimed at managing Windows hosts, hence why WINE is investigated; and we have to maintain the contract we have for DameWare for the forseeable future to manage our +900 workstation park if no workaround can be made along this path.
Failing the network test, WINE will have to be abandoned as a solution.
It might be a nice thought, but we're physically and financially unable to migrate our entire userbase to *nix overnight, it has to be gradual. :)

That said, SSH is nice for VPN-like functionality, but useless as corporate VPN is already in place, stacking network tunnels would be bad for performance and create unnecessary administrative overhead.
VNC is severely lacking in functionality compared to DameWare Mini Remote Control in that it does not support RPC to remotely install the remote control services and encryption + domain logon.
Have used it before, yes, but it is not up to the tasks we need to perform unfortunately.

Thank you for your input, I will look for other solutions.

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