[Wine] Re: Help "Patching Your Git Tree"

]{ings_Pwn wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Feb 27 15:44:03 CST 2009

dimesio wrote:
> The error is because the command option is -p1, not -pl. (I made exactly the same mistake the first time I tried to patch Wine.) If -p0 is what works with the patch you have, that's fine. If you want a more detailed explanation of what -p does, man patch will tell you.
> The name of the file it wants is the name of the patch you downloaded. It doesn't really matter whether you give it the extension patch or diff.

Thanks. I got it to patch now, but it gives me an error: "Hunk #1 failed at 8". The other two hunks seemed to work, but I guess they weren't the ones that fix the bug. Maybe I should  be posting this in the bug's thread but I figured someone here might know how to fix this and I already opened the thread.

Thanks, ]{ings_Pwn.

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